What to put in your suitcase before a trip to Thailand?

It's time to pack for Thailand. Know that it is important to select well what you put in your suitcase, not only to lighten your trip but also to avoid being delayed at the customs. In this sense, you must learn to keep the necessary things according to your destination. Discover here some useful things that you should prioritize for a trip to Thailand.


When you pack your suitcase for a trip to Thailand, it is essential to take care of the choice of your clothes. Because of the heat and the intense sun all year long, it is recommended to select clothes that are light. Especially do not forget your sleeveless, your hat against the heat of the sun. Similarly, your swimsuits are not to be forgotten. In Thailand, there are swimming pools, beaches that attract thousands of tourists and holidaymakers every year.

The accessories

Place of tourism par excellence, Thailand has tourist sites, the most visited regions of the world. For beautiful vacation experiences, it is essential to keep your camera, a camera that you can use to take pictures underwater will be useful. Also, don't forget to keep your international license, your ID, a photocopy of your passport in case of loss. For your cash withdrawals, carry your bank card. If you love trekking, your sport shoes, and your glasses are essential.

First aid kit

Although hygiene in Thailand is not such a scary factor, it is still important to take precautions. For this, you can put in your medicine kit, some medicines that are essential for you. For mosquitoes, you can keep some repellents. However, once in Thailand, you remember having forgotten an accessory, know that there are a lot of markets where you will find everything you need. This is also a reason not to take everything you will need in the country. Just carry the necessary and once there, you can buy the remaining.