What can you do and see when you travel to LAS VEGAS?

LAS VEGAS is not only known for its casinos and gambling halls. This wonderful city also has other, more interesting surprises in store for you. Discover here what a visit to LAS VEGAS can offer you.

Visit the Museums

If you are passionate about the arts, visiting the museums will be an opportunity for you to discover the wonders of LAS VEGAS. Museums, such as the Neon Museum and the Mod Museum, are places not to be missed. Indeed, at the Neon Museum located in a small park in the area, you can see open-air neon signs, placed everywhere on the ground and which, at night, becomes photogenic. A visit to the Mafia Museum or the Mod Museum is a historical place that still tells the story of the period when the city was besieged by gangs of armed criminals. If you also like history, the LAS VEGAS Natural History Museum is a great idea.

Playing at the casino

When you travel to LAS VEGAS, some of the best times you'll ever have will be watching others play the casino or playing it yourself. Whether you're a casino fan or not, it's impossible to walk ten yards without finding a casino, as there are so many there. From the moment you step out of the airport, LAS VEGAS casinos will welcome you with open arms.

Visit the Freemont Street Experience

You will be fascinated by the beauty and appearance of the Freemont Street Experience. Indeed, this street located in the very heart of LAS VEGAS will leave you speechless.  It is called a digital roof because of a canvas that lightly covers the alleys of this street and makes its splendor. To fully admire its aesthetics, it is recommended to visit it at night from nine o'clock in the morning. You will undoubtedly remember this little trip for a long time.