The most popular tourist sites in Asia

Travel is an opportunity to discover and experience. Are you planning a trip to Asia? Then it is important to visit its most influential tourist sites in the world to make your trip memorable. Discover the selection of the must-see tourist sites of Asia.

Dambulla Caves

Asia today represents one of the world's greatest destinations because of its breathtaking tourist sites. Among these in Sri Lanka, you can find the Dambulla Caves. This Buddhist site is a place par excellence where hundreds of tourists are met every year. Indeed, these thousand-year-old caves preserve within them, several monasteries of splendid caves decorated with murals. In the caves of Dambulla there are also sanctuaries never erected. This ancient Buddhist site is now a refuge for monkeys.


Located in the center of South India in the state of Karnataka, this tourist site is all that remains of Vijayanâgara, capital of one of the greatest Hindu empires of the XlV to XVI centuries. On this site of international tourism, you will still find a large number of temples scattered over an area of more than 30km², the most prominent of which is that of Virupakshase attributed to Shiva. Likewise, this site retains a royal palace, ancient buildings with impressive aspects.

Taj Mahal

Among the places that are also more visited in Asia, there is the Taj Mahal. Located in India, this Hindu monument was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It's from the seventeenth century and one of the most famous mausoleums in the world. Indeed, according to history, its construction was ordered by the emperor in order to immortalize the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. This monument is a masterpiece built in white marble and decorated with mural paintings. There are lush gardens, ornate mosques, water features that will leave you speechless. Then, why not use Asia as your next destination!